Templars Hill Pinot Gris 2015

I admit I’m a big Pinot Gris fan and New Zealand make some tremendous wines from this versatile grape – and this wine made by one of Central Otago’s Premier Wineries: Mount Difficulty proved to be a little gem.

Off-dry in style meaning there is a touch of residual sugar on the palate, it’s not sweet but there is just a hint of sweetness there making it a perfect match for slightly spicy food.  On the nose (and palate) the wine is reminiscent of spiced pear alongside notes of mango, honey and creamy vanilla.  Rich and full-bodied with a lovely vein of acidity ensuring structure and poise, whilst the alcohol is on the hefty side (14% ABV) it never threatens to overpower the wine.  Weighty, mouth-coating with lots of fruit and sweet spices this is a characterful wine that proved to be very very gluggable!

Available from Champion Wines in Chislehurst for around £13.99


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