Sweet and Fortified wines

As we gradually approach the festive season – although I admit it’s unlikely many of us are feeling that festive at the moment (thanks COVID) – I wanted to give a quick refresher about the delights of sweet and fortified wines – we need something to look forward to right?  and wine always cheers me up!

Details of my Christmas case offer will be out shortly, and there will be the opportunity to ‘pimp your case’ by switch a dessert wine for a fortified wine or even to add to your orders with a fortified wine or extra bottles of dessert wines 😊.

It struck me as I was putting ideas together, that with the vast array of wines out there, it might be a nice idea to create an ‘At-a-glance’ chart looking at a selection of different dessert/fortified wines and picking out their major flavour characteristics, and also, importantly, to give readers an idea of what food to pair them with at the Christmas table.

For more information on dessert or fortified wines, including how they are made, the grape varieties used and how long they will last when opened please feel free to check out my previous blog posts from back in 2017 click on the links here:  Dessert Wines blogSpotlight – Fortifieds (Part 1) blogSpotlight – Fortifieds (Part 2) blog ,  Madeira (a quick overview) blog 

For now though, I hope this chart will be of some use.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line and I will do my best to answer them.

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  1. Joan Barker

    As always Sam excellent information.

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