Wine Reviews: Scheurebe and Spätburgunder

I attended the recent Wine Barn German wine tasting principally as a bit of research for my  next blog on Riesling but wanted to flag up a couple of wines that I thought were really intriguing and absolutely lovely that may be new to some readers.

First up from the Franken region:

Wirsching 2016 Iphöfer Kronsberg Scheurebe Alte Reben Dry

Scheurebe is a variety not seen much outside of Germany and Austria which is a shame as this cross of Riesling and Silvaner produces highly characterful wines.  This is a wine made from old vines (which result in lower yielding but more concentrated grapes) and is presented in a traditional Bocksbeutel which further adds to the intrigue!

This is a relatively full bodied and highly aromatic white that is chock full of citrus and tropical fruits – think of a grapefruit crossed with a mango alongside a touch of florality, all held together by a lively acidity and just a hint of residual sugar – It’s dry but the wine is so fruity that you almost feel it has a sweetness to it and accordingly it would be perfect alongside spicy Chinese/Thai food in particular.

This wine is from an Erste Lage site which effectively means a Premier Cru wine, accordingly it is not cheap, nor should it be…but for something a bit different is well worth a try £32.95 (The Wine Barn)

Then we have my favourite red of the tasting:

Allendorf 2013 Assmannshäuser Höllenberg Spätburgunder Grand Cru MAGNUM – from the Rheingau region of Germany.

Spätburgunder is German for Pinot Noir – and Germany makes a considerable amount of Pinot although sadly not too much of it finds its way to our shores…which is also a real shame as I am a big fan.

The Rheinghau may be more known for its characterful Riesling but the vineyards around Assmannshäuser produce some stunning reds as this one proves.

This stunningly vibrant red exhibits classic Pinot Noir character both on the nose and palate with lovely (mainly) red fruits: cherry, strawberry, cranberry alongside earthy minerality and a touch of sweet vanilla spice.  This medium bodied dry wine is beautifully balanced with fine tannins, a streak of vibrant natural acidity and a finish that goes on and on…lovely.

Priced at £76.55 also from The Wine Barn – before you all take a huge breathe and say “no way”, remember this is from a Grand Cru site and is a magnum (equivalent of 2 normal bottles) so actually for the equivalent of £38.27 when you consider what you may pay for a grand Cru Burgundy this is actually very good value!

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